When trying to determine what is recycleable and what is not, it is helpful to think about two terms: Mixed Paper and Commingle Containers.

Mixed Paper is a general term which encompasses pretty much all products produced from trees - including phone books, magazines and even envelopes with plastic windows. The only requirement is that the paper be clean, dry and free of most contaminents such as food and wax.

In addition to paper, you can use Commingle Containers to recycle aluminum, glass and plastic materials. Using these methods of disposal will not only greatly reduce the amount of waste sitting in our landfills but we can also turn those products into something new giving them a new lease on life and limiting the amount of natural resources needed to create new products.

Mixed Paper Guidelines

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Yes You Can Recycle... Please Don't Include...
Printing & Writing Papers
paper of all colors
Carbon Paper
Letterhead Adhesive Lables, Stickers or Backings
Envelopes Copy Paper Wrappers
"Post-it" Notes Food Wrappings (Paper or wax)
Brochures Overnight Mail Packages
Carbonless Multi-forms Tyvek Envelopes (FedEx Envelopes)
Copy Paper Food
Notepad Paper Aluminum or Tin Cans
Computer Paper Glass or Plastic Bottles
News Paper Ceramic or glass dishware or mugs
Magazines Food Boxes
Glossy Paper Coffee Cups (Paper, Plastic or Styrofoam)
Manila Envelopes Lunch Bags
File Folders Styrofoam packing peanunts
Telephone Books
Soft and Hard Cover Books Recycling Facts: Recycling just one 65-gallon tote of paper saves 17 trees a year!
Staples and Paperclips are acceptable

Commingle Containers

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Yes You Can Recycle... Please Don't Include...
Aluminum Food & Beverage Containers Lead Acid Batteries
Glass Food & Beverage Containers
(Brown, Clear & Green)
Dry Cell Batteries
Ferrous (Iron) Cans Microwave Trays
PET Plastic Containers (#1 symbol) Mirrors
HDPE Natural Plastic Containers (#2 Symbol) Window and Auto Glass
HDPE Colored Plastic Contniners
(detergent, shampoo, bleach bottles, etc)
Light Bulbs
Plastics with Symbols
(#3, #4, #5, #6, #7)
Plastic Bags
Coat Hangers
Glass Cookware/Bakeware
Household items, such as:
Cooking Pots, Toasters, etc
All glass containers must be empty and free of metal caps and rings: less than 5% food debris
All tin cans, bi-metal cans and aluminum cans must be empty: less than 5% food debris
All aerosol cans must be empty with less than 5% content
All plastic containers must be empty, caps removed: less than 5% food debris
Please see the Recycling #'s page for more details on plastics reycling

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